Rethinking Admissions Conference 2009
Richard Vedder, professor of economics at Ohio University (left), and Robert Morse, director of data research for U.S. News and World Report, take part in a panel discussion on evaluating college ranking systems.
Panelists for the third session (left to right) are Richard Vedder, professor of economics, Ohio University; Robert Morse, director of data research, U.S .News and World Report; and Jeffrey Brenzel, dean of admissions, Yale University.
Panelists (from left) Vedder, Morse and Brenzel. Brenzel says colleges are missing the point to simply criticize U.S. News for its rankings.
Lloyd Thacker, director of the Education Conservancy, speaks on "Cultivating Studenthood: Sending Signals, Influencing Behavior" at the Rethinking Admissions conference on April 16.
N. Bruce Walker, vice provost and director of admissions at the University of Texas, presents a paper on overcoming the effects of social structure on college-going behavior.
Panelist Greg Roberts, dean of admissions at the University of Virginia, discusses the recruitment of high-achieving, high-need students at UVA.
John Douglass (right), senior research fellow at the Center for Studies in Higher Education, University of California at Berkeley, discusses admissions at the University of California during the conference's first session on April 15.
Claudia Buchmann, associate professor of sociology at The Ohio State University, speaks on "Myth and Meritocracy: SAT Preparation, College Enrollment, Class and Race in the U.S."
Wake Forest Associate Director of Admissions Linda Bridges talks with Karl Sjolund of Salem Academy.
Christoph Guttentag, director of admissions at Duke University, has a conversation with Laura Sellers of Cary Academy.
Wake Forest Provost Jill Tiefenthaler, right, with (left to right) Robert Morse, director of data research for U.S. News and World Report, Wake Forest Professor of Economics Kevin Rask, and Robert Schaeffer, public education director for FairTest.
A group of national experts gather at Wake Forest to discuss higher education admissions policies and the role of standardized testing in the admissions process.
Moderator Akbar Salam, assistant professor of chemistry at Wake Forest, introduces the second panel on Evaluating Standardized Testing.
Panelist Thomas Espenshade, professor of sociology and faculty associate of the Office of Population Research at Princeton University, opens the conference's second session with remarks on "Diversity Implications of SAT-Optional Admissions Policies."
From left: Jessica VanParys, economics, University of Georgia; Nathan R. Kuncel, Marvin D. Dunnette Distinguished Professor of Psychology, University of Minnesota; and Jesse Rothstein, assistant professor of economics and public affairs, Princeton University.
Linda Shropshire of Mount Tabor High School in Winston-Salem talks with a reporter from Channel 14 News.
Author and keynote speaker Daniel Golden signs copies of his book, "The Price of Admission," at the admissions conference.
Panelists (from left) Sally Donahue, Harvard University; Christoph Guttentag, Duke University, and Arlene Cash, Spelman College, discuss "Crafting a Class: The Academic and Social Goals of Admissions."
Martha Allman, director of admissions at Wake Forest, moderates a panel discussion at the April 15 admissions conference.
Sally Donahue, senior admissions officer at Harvard University, talks about socioeconomic factors in the admissions decision.
Christoph Guttentag, director of admissions at Duke University, discusses admissions and athletics.
Conference attendees include admissions officials, researchers, guidance counselors and news media.
Nathan Hatch, president of Wake Forest University, introduces keynote speaker Daniel Golden, author of "The Price of Admission."
Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and editor Daniel Golden delivers the keynote address entitled "Slumdog Ivy Leaguer."