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Day 1: April 15, 2009

Pugh Auditorium, Benson University Center

Opening Remarks

9:00 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.

Jill Tiefenthaler, Provost, Wake Forest University

Session 1 — Evaluating Standardized Testing, Part 1

Claudia Buchmann, Associate Professor of Sociology, Ohio State University. Discussing: The Myth of Meritocracy: SAT Preparation, College Enrollment, Class and Race in the U.S

John Douglass, Senior Research Fellow, Center for Studies in Higher Education, University of California at Berkeley. Discussing: Admissions at the University of California.

Kevin Rask, Professor of Economics, Wake Forest University. Discussing: Predictors of College Success: The Importance of SATs, High School Grades and Curriculum.

Moderator: Robert Schaeffer, Public Education Director for FairTest

Session 2: Evaluating Standardized Testing, Part 2

Thomas Espenshade, Professor of Sociology and Faculty Associate of the Office of Population Research, Princeton University. Discussing: Diversity Implications of SAT-Optional Admission Policies Among Selective Institutions

Nathan R. Kuncel, Marvin D. Dunnette Distinguished Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota. Discussing: Some Things You Should Know

Jesse Rothstein, Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Princeton University. Discussing: SAT Scores, High Schools, and Collegiate Performance Predictions

Jessica VanParys, Economics Department, University of Georgia. Discussing: How well does the new SAT explain first-year college outcomes by race and gender?

Moderator: Akbar Salam, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Wake Forest University

Session 3 — Crafting a Class: The Academic and Social Goals of Admissions

Arlene Cash, Vice President for Enrollment Management, Spelman College. Discussing: Hidden Promise: Accessing Excellence through the Enrollment Process

Sally Donahue, Director of Financial Aid and Senior Admissions Officer, Harvard University. Discussing: Admissions considerations of socio-economic factors

Christoph Guttentag, Dean of Admissions, Duke University

Moderator: Martha Allman, Director of Admissions, Wake Forest University

Welcoming Remarks

4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Nathan O. Hatch, President

Keynote Address: “Slumdog Ivy Leaguer”

Daniel Golden, Senior Editor at Conde Nast Portfolio, former Deputy Bureau Chief Boston Bureau, Wall Street Journal, and author of The Price of Admission (2006)

Reception (Green Room, Reynolda Hall)

5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Day 2: April 16, 2009

Pugh Auditorium, Benson University Center

Session 1 – Assessing the High School Record

Greg Roberts, Dean of Admissions, University of Virginia. Discussing: Access and Opportunity for Low Income High School Students: Recruiting and Enrolling High Achieving, High Need Students at the University of Virginia

Lloyd Thacker, Director, Education Conservancy. Discussing: Cultivating Studenthood: Sending Signals, Influencing Behavior

Bruce Walker, Vice Provost and Director of Admissions, University of Texas at Austin. Discussing: Overcoming the Effects of Social Structure on College – going Behavior and College Success: Texas and the Top 10% Solution

Moderator: Peter M. Siavelis, Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Fellow and Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Wake Forest University

Session 2 — How to Predict Engaged and Successful Students

Steve Chatman, Project Director, Student Experience in the Research University, Center for Studies in Higher Education, UC Berkeley. Discussing: Recognizing and Then Using Disciplinary Patterns of the Undergraduate

Scott Highhouse, Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Bowling Green State University. Discussing: Cautions on the Use of Holistic Assessment: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Omari Swinton, Assistant Professor, Howard University. Discussing: Noncognitive Ability, College Learning, and Student Retention

Moderator: Eric R. Stone, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Wake Forest University

Session 3 – Outcomes Assessment: Evaluating College Ranking Systems and the Meaning of College Success

Jeffrey Brenzel, Dean of Admissions, Yale University. Discussing: Beyond Rankings: Providing Better Information for College Choices

Robert Morse, Director of Data Research, U.S. News & World Report. Discussing: College Rankings: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Richard Vedder, Professor of Economics, Ohio University. Discussing: Assessing University Performance: The Role of Rankings

Moderator: Michele Gillespie, Associate Provost for Academic Initiatives and Kale Associate Professor of History, Wake Forest University