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WFU Provost Rethinking Admissions › Press Kit

Press Release (4-20-09)

Wake Forest Provost says it’s time to take a higher road In higher education admissions. Download the pdf (35kb)

Press Release (4-16-09)

Wake forest university interviews 8,ooo students as part of SAT-optional admissions process. Download the pdf (35kb)

Press Release (3-30-09)

Learn about the things which make this conference so important, and what we hope to achieve. Download the pdf (35kb)

Admissions Q&A

Questions and answers about Wake Forest and the SAT, answered by Wake Forest University's Director of Admissions, Martha Allman. Download the pdf (23kb)

Conference at a Glance

A list of sessions and speakers in a clear and easy format. Download the pdf (50kb)

Experts List

A list of experts who are available for interviews during the Rethinking Admissions conference. Download the pdf (23kb)

Fact Sheet

General information and statistics about Wake Forest's history and present state. Download the pdf (45kb)


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